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What's the Deal? 


They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But try telling that to the hiring manager, corporate gatekeeper or other decision-maker who's facing a stack of resumes and maybe an hour or two to decide which candidates will get an interview. 


Resumes that fail to catch the eye or ring the right bells can quickly end up in the trash. And that's not to mention what happens to the ones with obvious typos, grammatical errors and even misplaced modifiers. 


A well-written resume is an effective sales tool that helps answer the ultimate question: Why should you be considered for the job? And the accompanying cover letter should also interest the reader enough that he or she will give your resume more than just a glance. 


With these fundamentals in mind, I start the process with a thorough face-to-face or telephone interview to learn about you, your goals, your experiences and your talents. I discover why you're a great candidate and how you can contribute to their team. After all, that's what the hiring manager wants to know.


What Do You Get?


Once you approve the final document, I'll email your resume's MS Word, PDF and plain text files. And don't forget: I can also compose cover letters, follow-up letters and that all-important thank-you note.


HINT: After a job interview, don't forget to ask for your contact's business card. Then send him or her a brief thank-you letter for the meeting. It’s a classy, professional step that some job seekers fail to take. And since you want to stand out (in a positive way) from the crowd, thank-you letters can be well worth the effort.


How Much Does it Cost?


As with most custom-made products, here's the short answer: It depends on what you need, when you need it and how long it will take. But most resumes start at $100, with cover letters following at $25 each.


Let's Get Started!


They say that getting a job is a job in itself. It's often about being in the right place at the right time. And don't underestimate the importance of marketing yourself and your skills with the right tools--like a well-crafted resume and cover letters. 


Interested in taking the first step? Then drop me a line to set up an interview. 




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