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Have a project requiring
marketing expertise?



no more.


My career reflects over 20 years of writing and editing content for business proposals, periodicals, websites, press releases, and more. I also have an outstanding record of managing multifaceted marketing projects in key industries including healthcare, finance, transportation, insurance, and retail.


See if some of my experience points match your requirements:


  • Composed, edited and disseminated successful sales proposals, direct mail pieces, press releases, awards submissions, and signage for a leading care management company serving health plans, corporations and government entities across the United States.

  • Coordinated the implementation of client marketing campaigns via the design, production, and delivery of customized postcards, brochures, posters, and other targeted media.

  • Increased client awareness and generated sales leads through coordination of corporate participation and display at industry conferences.

  • Edited and composed insurer's extensive series of standardized customer letters to enhance levels of positive consumer and agent response.

  • Generated sales leads through ongoing content management of care management company's second and third generation business-to-business websites.


Other projects include the composition of brochure copy for a niche market bank and a prestigious upscale retirement community. I've also edited a savings and loan's website content. And I even researched the origins of unique baroque furnishings to create narrative price tag copy for a new line of 18th Century furniture reproductions.


There's more where that came from. So let's discuss the ways I can help with your project. Just drop me a line.


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